Royal Specialties

Chinese Style

Served with a choice of brown, fried or steamed rice

*Orange Beef-----------------------$18.95

Tender chunks of beef and blended with delicate orange flavor in a spicy piquant sauc

*Sesame Beef-----------------------$18.95

Tender slices of beef deep fried to crispy , covered in a special sauce and topped with toasted sesame

Pine apple Chicken --------------------$16.95

Tender chunk of chicken marinated and crisped topped with a tangy pine apple sauce

*Sesame Chicken ---------------------$16.95

Tender chunks of chicken lightly dusted and deep fried to crispy then covered in a special sauce and topped with toasted sesame

*one chicken prepared in two styles ------------$18.95

Happy Family ------------------------$16.95

Sliced veal , breast of chicken and tender beef sauteed with crispy vegetables in our special sauce

Chicken with Broccoli--------------------$13.95

Sauteed with meat chicken with fresh broccoli in a special light white sauce

Moo Goo Gai Pan-----------------------$13.95

Sauteed breast of chicken with mushrooms, bamboo shoots and carrots in a white sauce

*Kung Pao Chicken---------------------$13.95

Diced sauteed chicken, bell peppers, bamboo shoots, peanuts and water chestnuts in a spicy brown sauce

*Chicken with Garlic Sauce-------------------$13.95

Sliced sauteed chicken with water chestnuts , tree ears , onion , carrots and mushrooms in special garlic sauce

Almond Chicken-----------------------$13.95

Diced chicken with water chestnuts , bamboo shoots , green peppers and almonds in white sauce

Chicken Broccoli----------------------$13.95

Sauteed white meat chicken with fresh broccoli , bamboo shoots and carrots in white sauce

Chicken with mix Vegetables----------------$ 13.95

Steamed white meat chicken mixed with assorted Chinese vegetables in white sauce

Chicken with Snow peas------------------$ 13.95

Steam white meat chicken with fresh snow peas in white sauce

*Curry Chicken-----------------------$13.95

Sauteed chicken with green peas and carrots and onion in special curry sauce

Chicken with Cashew Nuts-----------------$13.95

Diced chicken meat, water chestnuts, green peppers, bamboo shoots in a brown sauce covered with cashews

Lucky Chicken-----------------------$13.95

Deep fried chunks of chicken topped with mix of vegetables in brown sauce

Lemon Chicken-----------------------$13.95

Pure breast of chicken coated in special batter , deep fried and topped with tangy lemon sauce

Moo shoo Chicken ( 4 pancakes )--------------$13.95

Sweet and Sour Chicken------------------$13.95

Deep fried chunks of chicken topped with a sweet and sour sauce, pineapple, onion and green pepper

Pepper Steak with Onion------------------$14.95

Sauteed slices of beef with bell peppers and onions in a brown sauce

*Beef with Garlic sauce------------------$14.95

Slices of tender beef with black mushroom , onion ,carrots and mushroom in garlic sauce

Beef with Broccoli----------------------$14.95

Sliced beef sauteed with broccoli in a brown sauce

*Hunan beef-------------------------$14.95

Beef With Snow Peas--------------------$14.95

*Beef with Eggplant and Garlic Sauce------------$14.95

Sliced beef and eggplant with green onions and Chinese mushrooms

Moo shoo beef (4 pancakes)----------------$14.95

Sliced Beef with Bamboo shoot & mushroom--------$14.95

*Kung Pao Beef-----------------------$14.95

Slices Beef with bamboo shoot and peanut in brown sauce

Lo mien (beef, Chicken or veggie )-------------$11.95

Chow mien (beef, Chicken or veggie )-----------$11.95

Fried Rice (beef, Chicken or Veggie)------------$10.95



Chinese & American Cuisine

Veal Pepper Steak----------------------$18.95

Tender slices of veal, bell peppers and onions in brown sauce served with choice of rice

Veal with Mix Vegetables------------------$18.95

A Flavorful bland of veal with assorted Chinese vegetables in brow sauce served with rice

Veal with Garlic Sauce--------------------$18.95

Sliced tender of veal sauteed with black mushroom, onion, carrots and mushroom in special garlic sauce

*Hunan Veal------------------------$18.95

Sliced Tender veal prepared with assorted Chinese vegetables in Hunan sauce

Moo shoo veal------------------------$18.95

Veal Cutlet--------------------------$29.95

Tender fried prime breaded veal served with potato and vegetables


Steam Chicken with mix vegetables------------$13.95

Steam white meat chicken with assorted Chinese vegetables

Steam Chinese mix vegetables &Mushroom--------$11.95

Peking mix vegetables--------------------$11.95

*Bean curd with mix vegetables---------------$11.95

*Bean curd Szechuan style-----------------$11.95

Vegetarian Lasagna---------------------$12.95


Poached Salmon-----------------------$17.95

Baked Rainbow Trout--------------------$15.95

Catch of the Day


Egg roll-----------------------------$2.00

Steamed or Fried Dumpling-----------------$8.95


Fried Chicken wing----------------------$5.95

Fried Wonton--------------------------$3.95

Spicy Meat ball (4)---------------------$4.95

Stuffed Cabbage-----------------------$3.95

Egg plant Salad------------------------$4.95


Classic chicken Soup With Matzo ball, Noodle or Wonton--$2.95

Homemade vegetables Soup----------------- $3.95

Hot & Sour Soup------------------------$3.95

Egg drop Soup ------------------------ $3.95

Mushroom barley Soup ------------------- $3.95

Ginger Soup--------------------------$3.95

Bean Curd Vegetables Soup (2)----------------$7.95

Chinese Mix Vegetables Soup (2)-------------$7.95

Soup of the Day


Royal Garden Salad---------------------$5.95

Classic Tossed Salad---------------------$3.95

Israeli Salad-------------------------$4.95

Crunchy salad------------------------$4.95


Our Home made 6 ounce Berger with French Fries----------------$9.95

Turkey Kabob in Pita----------------------$10.95

Shish Kabob in Pita----------------------$10.95

Double Hot Dog with French Fries---------------$9.95

Chicken Wrap-------------------------$10.95

American Cuisines


Steak Diana--------------------------$29.95

Tender rib eye steak sauteed in wine sauce accompanied by potato and vegetables

Shish Kabob--------------------------$19.95

Grilled Juicy meat cubes with bell peppers and onions served over rice and vegetables

Grilled Pepper Steak----------------------$14.95

A flavorful bland of sliced beef , bell peppers, onions and mushrooms served with rice and vegetables

Sultan Platter-------------------------$29.95

Combination of shish kabob, shwarma and kabob koobiddeh

Club Steak--------------------------$29.95

Thick and juicy boneless steak, broiled to specification served with potato and vegetables

Kabob Koobidah-----------------------$12.95

Lean ground beef broiled with tomatoes and served with rice and vegetables

Texas Chicken Fried Steak------------------$12.95

Breaded ground beef and ground veal with homemade gravy served with French fries and vegetables

Beef Stroganoff-----------------------$29.95

Sauteed slices of rib eye steak topped with fried onions , mushrooms in special stroganoff sauce, served with rice and vegetables


Rosemary Dijonaise Chicken----------------$13.95

Grilled chicken breast topped with fresh rosemary , Dijon mustard and fresh mayonnaise sauce served with Chicken Breast baked With Sun dried Tomato and Olives-$12.95

Served with Potato and vegetables

Grilled Chicken tapenade------------------$13.95

Grilled Breast Chicken topped Green leaves

Turkey Piccata------------------------$13.95

Turkey dredged in seasoned flour and sauteed with lemon, garlic and capers. Served over pasta and vegetables

Teriyaki Chicken-----------------------$13.95

Marinated boneless breast of chicken with rice vegetables

Chicken Mushroom Sauce------------------$13.95

Boneless breast of chicken sauteed with mushroom sauce served with rice and vegetables

Chicken Stroganoff----------------------$13.95

Sauteed boneless breast of chicken in stroganoff sauce presented over rice and vegetables

Chicken Schnitzel----------------------$13.95

Fried breast of boneless chicken served with choice of potatoes and vegetables

Roast Chicken------------------------$13.95

Half of roasted chicken served with potatoes and vegetables

Grilled Shwarma Platter------------------$13.95

Boneless marinated turkey with flavor of lamb served over rice and Israeli salad


Served with choice of potato and vegetables

Tender Lamb Chops---------------------$29.95

Baby Lamb Chops----------------------$39.95


Spaghetti with Meat Sauce------------------$10.95

Spaghetti with Meat Ball--------------------$11.95


Chinese Cuisine

Served with choice of rice and egg roll


Sesame chicken

Orange chicken

Pineapple chicken

Chicken with broccoli

Moo goo gai pan

Kung pao chicken

Chicken with garlic sauce

Almond chicken

Chicken with mixed vegetables

Chicken with cashew nuts

Chicken with snow peas

Sweet & sour chicken

Pepper steak with onions

Beef garlic sauce

Kung pao beef

Beef with broccoli

Beef snow peas

Beef with eggplants

Hunan beef

Eggplant garlic sauce

Bean curd home style

Steam mixed vegetables

Peking mixed vegetables

Lo mein (beef, chicken, veggie)

Cho mein (beef, chicken, veggie)

Fried rice (beef, chicken, veggie)



Soft drink-----------------$2.00


Please ask your server for today's creations